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Roy Lichtenstein:Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior
Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior, 1992
Screenprint on Paper Technologies, Inc., Waterleaf paper, in five panels
Edition of 36, Signed
259.1 x 381 cm (102 x 150 inches)

‘Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior’ presents itself as one of Lichtenstein’s most symbolic works: depicting an interior, it sees Lichtenstein delve into Pop representation, of which he captures the essence and the staticity. Drawing from a time which championed modernity and saw the past as something to distance oneself from, Lichtenstein includes within this work matters such as simplicity as opposed to complexity, while continuing in his perfectioning of Pop Art theory.

‘Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior’ is immediate in its perception, and conveys the artist’s search for accessibility in art, in which he succeeds.

Works similar to this can be found in collections such as the Portland Art Museum and in private collections worldwide.

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